I've been known to contribute to blogs, be quoted by journalists, and work as a consultant for documentary films. 

I have been an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer since 2013. For a donation to the organization you can bring me to your campus or institution. You can find a list of my lectures and other information here.

Some Examples:

Op Ed for History News Network, “Not Even a Trip to the Amusement Park Has Been Easy for African Americans,”

Op Ed, “Six Flags has taken down its Confederate flag. But that’s not its only legacy of Jim Crow at the Park,” Washington Post, August 28, 2017

Article on racist imagery decorating a carousel in Rochester, N.Y.

Blog post on racial violence in swimming pools

Blog post on race and the history of sexuality

I am currently serving as the historical consultant for a new documentary, "United Skates of America," about the underground culture of urban African American roller skating. In July 2016 I was interviewed for the documentary film, "Boblo Boats: A Tale of Two Sisters."

Blog post on identity politics in the wake of the 2016 election

 Interview, “Remembering the Detroit Housewives League, a Powerful Force in the City after Segregation, Michigan Public Radio, Stateside, http://michiganradio.org/post/remembering-detroit-housewives-league-powerful-force-city-after-segregation, May 26, 2017

Public Talk, Amherst High School, Black History Month Presentation, “Rethinking the Civil Rights Movement: The View from the North,” February 28, 2017

Podcast, “Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast-Crystal Beach Memorial Episode,”“Parkscope: A View Into the World of Theme Parks,” http://www.parkscope.net/2017/03/immersive-irony-experience-theme-park.html, March 29, 2017

OAH Distinguished Lecture, “Rethinking the Civil Rights Movement: The View from the North,” April 7, 2017, Jamestown Community College

“Voting Rights and Civil Rights: Lessons from a Century of Resistance,” “History Facts,” University at Buffalo, March 15, 2017

Quoted in “NAACP Shake Up Needed, Observers Say,” The Washington Informer, http://washingtoninformer.com/naacp-shake-up-needed-observers-say/, May 24, 2017