I've been known to contribute to blogs, be quoted by journalists, and work as a consultant for documentary films. 


I have been an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer since 2013. For a donation to the organization you can bring me to your campus or institution. You can find a list of my lectures and other information here.

Some Examples:  Article on racist imagery decorating a carousel in Rochester, N.Y.

Blog post on racial violence in swimming pools

Blog post on race and the history of sexuality

I am currently serving as the historical consultant for a new documentary, "United Skates of America," about the underground culture of urban African American roller skating. In July 2016 I was interviewed for the documentary film, "Boblo Boats: A Tale of Two Sisters."

Blog post on identity politics in the wake of the 2016 election

 Interview, “Remembering the Detroit Housewives League, a Powerful Force in the City after Segregation, Michigan Public Radio, Stateside, http://michiganradio.org/post/remembering-detroit-housewives-league-powerful-force-city-after-segregation, May 26, 2017

Public Talk, Amherst High School, Black History Month Presentation, “Rethinking the Civil Rights Movement: The View from the North,” February 28, 2017

Podcast, “Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast-Crystal Beach Memorial Episode,”“Parkscope: A View Into the World of Theme Parks,” http://www.parkscope.net/2017/03/immersive-irony-experience-theme-park.html, March 29, 2017

OAH Distinguished Lecture, “Rethinking the Civil Rights Movement: The View from the North,” April 7, 2017, Jamestown Community College

“Voting Rights and Civil Rights: Lessons from a Century of Resistance,” “History Facts,” University at Buffalo, March 15, 2017

Quoted in “NAACP Shake Up Needed, Observers Say,” The Washington Informer, http://washingtoninformer.com/naacp-shake-up-needed-observers-say/, May 24, 2017

Editorial in The Washington Post's "Made by History" series on Six Flags taking down its Confederate Flag, August 28, 2017 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/made-by-history/wp/2017/08/28/six-flags-has-taken-down-its-confederate-flag-but-thats-not-the-only-legacy-of-jim-crow-at-the-park/?utm_term=.ab3d376c6815