To Blog or Not to Blog

I am an avid reader of blogs. In my Feedly feed I have about twenty blogs that I look at daily (only a subset of these post regularly). My favorite blogs are written by smart, sassy academic women (see Historiann). But do I want to blog myself? Do I believe Tenured Radical that blog writing enhances other forms of writing: the more you write the more you can write? Maybe. Placing a blog on this website is a small first step at experimentation. At the moment, being on leave, my days are filled with attempting to create a cohesive narrative from a mind-boggling number of sources. Living in the Future is a book that I am truly enamored with, but the actual writing is a very tough slog. And my internal writing dialogue doesn't necessarily make for exciting blogging. As for politics, I'm waiting for the primaries to be over for reasons that anyone on social media will understand. I may blog about my first year as department chair, something I'm now gearing up for. Or my dog Flopsy, who is a ridiculously huge part of my life. Or life in Western New York, particularly around questions of urban justice. For now I give you Flopsy.