Research Troubles

Each chapter of Living in the Future could easily be a book in itself. In chapter one alone I write about Brookwood Labor College and Highlander Folk School. Despite knowing I can not go into micro-details about each of my "utopian" examples I continue to research as if I can and will. This is SLOWING ME DOWN. It's like an addiction. Sometimes fed, of course, by turning up wonderful details and compelling stories. But I've just spent two weeks going through all of my archival sources on the Delta Cooperative Farm before even sitting down to write. And my leave is quickly drifting away. This book cannot take another decade. Well, actually it could. My new strategy is to approach the writing a bit like I would approach a textbook or lecture notes. I have accumulated layers of knowledge at this point that I can lay down quickly if I let myself. And if I want to write while I am department chair (starting in August) this will be vital. Now I have the "Born Free" song stuck in my head from my 1970s childhood. Because I need to let my writing be free and not bogged down in my meticulous research.